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2020/09/25 来源:http://www.jnexb.com
As like as two peas, the two styles, appearance, color and even the leather materials are the same, but the price can be one or two times. What is the difference between them?
Apart from brand advantages, the key lies in the processing of sewing technology, zipper material, edge sealing technology and other details. The bag that pays attention to details often excels in comfort, durability and wear resistance. Details are invisible factors as like as two peas, but they are not easy to be noticed. But the proportion of the cost of production is very large, which is why the two packages seem to be exactly the same price.
Similarly, the style of some websites in the same industry is typical of brevity. It seems that the website is a little low. In contrast, the website of our own family is far better than that of peers in terms of the richness of content, the beauty of the layout, or the design of the overall structure. However, after the promotion of our own website, it has won customers However, the quantity and conversion rate are far less than those of peer websites. Why?
At this time, you have to find the reason from the details of the internal structure of the website. Details cost, the high cost of building a website is high in the internal details. The degree of customer experience of the website that pays attention to the details is different from that of the website that does not pay attention to the details, so that the comparison of the transformation effect presented is also very obvious.
In the construction of the website, the inner chain is one of the details that are not easy to be noticed, but it plays an important role. A good inner chain structure can facilitate users to quickly search and read, improve user experience and access efficiency, which is conducive to search engine spiders to capture more web pages, improve keyword ranking, achieve effect transformation, and bring a large number of orders for enterprises Single.
Just imagine, if your website internal chain structure is not good, customers can not find the column design to view the previous article and the next article after browsing an article. If you want to continue browsing the article, you can only return to the top navigation and reselect the article you want to see and click to enter. This operation is too cumbersome to say, even if you return to the directory page, you may not be able to quickly find the same type of reading Read desire articles, so as to get a bad experience, simply shut down your website and turn to your competitors.
And if your website chain structure is good, after customers browse an article, the following column will have accurate recommendation, recommend the same type of articles that customers may be interested in. For example, after reading the article of SEO optimization, if there will be articles or cases related to SEO optimization at the bottom, customers can't help but go in and have a look, and there are always recommendations related to SEO Customers can't help but go on, and the time they stay on the website will be lengthened unconsciously, contributing a lot of effective clicks to the website.
In terms of internal details, in addition to having a good internal chain structure, column design such as message board and online communication is also essential. Although it is just a small button, it can play a very powerful role. It can directly shorten the distance between enterprises and customers, interact with customers anytime and anywhere, listen to customers' opinions, solve customers' problems in time, and effectively promote traffic transformation 。