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2020/09/04 来源:http://www.jnexb.com
Today, let's talk about how to quickly restore the ranking of websites by reducing their rights (there are many kinds of websites descending rights, but many people don't know what they have been lowered by Baidu. Here are seven ways to restore the ranking of websites by following Xiaobian
01 保持原创 持续更新
01 keep original and keep updating
Many new people, a look at the site to reduce the right, and then immediately give up, not to mention the original, even the update is not more. Why does the first one say keep original and keep updating? Because some websites drop the right, because the collected content is far greater than the original content, baidu hurricane algorithm. Well, if you start to be original, you can delete those that have not been collected before. In this way, you can increase the proportion of original works and continue to update for a period of time. You still have the opportunity to be recognized again.

Do you have to write every word by yourself? no, it isn't. If you are a professional station, you reprint high-quality articles, remember to indicate the source, in fact, is also OK.
02 站内排查,优化内链结构
02 station investigation and optimization of internal chain structure
When we look at the decline in keyword ranking, most people will think that it is external factors, such as: algorithm update, the emergence of a large number of external chain or server instability and other reasons. In fact, sometimes the unreasonable chain structure is often the main reason for the decline of keyword ranking, many people will ignore.
Editor's suggestion: first of all, check whether the station has given the wrong anchor text and the unsmooth, seemingly single internal chain structure. For example, website revision, the anchor text of a key keyword is missing or wrongly written.
03 更新相关页面内容
03 update related pages
We know that although the frequency of return visits to the included pages is different, search engines do prefer fresh content, so you can try to modify the content of the page that has been ranked down appropriately
A. Add a short point of view;
B. Add a detailed and comprehensive information chart;

C. Or you can add some comments, which can improve the freshness of the page. In combination with certain external chain resources, the search engine will rank your page again~
04 找到网站死链 进行删除和提交
04 find the website deadlock to delete and submit
With the accumulation of our website operation work, the data on the website is also gradually huge, which may be due to some careless operation to form some dead chain for the website. If a website dead chain is too much, Baidu will judge that the site can not meet the needs of customers, and even identify as a waste website, so K station down right. Solution: regularly check the dead chain of the website, and pay attention to 404 pages.
05 合理的外链建设
05 reasonable external chain construction
In the face of reducing the right of the website, the ranking has dropped. When many people are doing the construction of the external chain, they are eager to give the page with the descending ranking and establish a large number of high-quality external chain and anchor text. This is a low-level strategy, and it can not effectively improve the problem of ranking decline.
What you really need to do is to give the associated page, or make external links to the page where an article has recommended this article. This operation is very safe, but it takes a certain time, and you will find that the ranking will rise steadily~
当然,也不要盲目用工具一看,对方站打不开了就 是对 方站的原因,应该手动去看看是不是真的打不开了,如果真是再删除。
Of course, do not blindly use a tool to see, the other station can not open is the reason for the other station, should be manually to see whether it is really unable to open, if it is to delete.
06 提高网站打开速度
06 improve website opening speed
Your website has been downgraded. In addition to cheating on the site or spam links outside the site, after the change, your website opens faster than before. Therefore, improve the content elements of your related keyword pages, compress the page volume, and improve the access speed. Why? Because, if you are not easy to attract spiders, you are slow, what do you think?
07 提高相关页面点击率
07 improve the click through rate of relevant pages
We know that to improve the keyword ranking of the page, in addition to improving the website traffic, we can also improve the ranking of relevant pages through the click through rate. Click through rate is closely related to your title and description tag. You can refer to the writing method of we media title. For example: SEO newcomers must read 3 books!
The most effective way to improve the click through rate is to display structured data. Structured micro data can enable search engines to provide richer summary of search results, that is, to provide detailed information for users' specific queries, so that users can directly see the important information of your products in the search results. For example: the price, name, inventory status (whether the product is in stock), reviewer's score and comments can be directly seen in the search results summary~

In a word, the website is down, keyword ranking is down for many reasons, as an SEO personnel, it is important to first judge whether it is caused by the search engine algorithm or by its own operation. This is the real way to restore the right to reduce!