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2022/11/15 来源:http://www.jnexb.com
When doing short video operation, promotion is also a part of daily operation, but many friends are still at a strange stage about how to promote and drain short videos. Here's how to quickly layout short video promotion.
In brand marketing, we should know that short videos are not only for watching, but also for playing together. From the popular Tiktok package, we summarize the direction of brand promotion.
Personalization: the brand gives temperature to the brand&product through the fixed personality protagonist or way, so that it is easier to establish relationships and associations with consumers (reference case: Lenovo, quick look comics)
Scenarios: marketing based on specific scenarios, leading users to experience products in an immersive way
Functionalization: integrate product highlights into short videos, such as Sophie's Tiktok short videos that release magic short videos with elastic stretch (refer to magic ads of various brands) Interactivity: grab red packets, grab coupons, interactive Q&A, and set colored eggs for videos.
Short video promotion and drainage method
1. Content planning
The content serves the brand, so we must pay attention to the combination of products and appeals. Whether the form of content is funny, roast, or valuable dry goods, display type, it should be planned according to the characteristics and value of the product, and must not deviate.
2. Product implantation
Generally, commercial videos with product information are difficult to be forwarded on a large scale, so the product placement must be ingenious. When making product videos, we should give full play to creativity and try to make products more interesting.
3. Original video
Creating personal IP, making vertical original videos, obtaining high exposure by content, and making users like and pay attention to it are very good Tiktok drainage methods. Only in this way can there be much room for later realization.
4. Title and Cover
This is the first part of the video that is seen by people when it is displayed. In the information age, it takes only a few seconds to capture the eyes and hearts of users. Therefore, the title should be short, the keywords should be prominent, and the cover should be eye-catching to arouse the curiosity of users.
5. Make good use of short video marketing position
All short video platforms can be used to make good use of resources. With the help of hot spots, strive for popular home pages, channel recommendations, leaderboards and other positions. Because the way to save money is to use other people's traffic, the short video network brand promotion platform is also very good.
This is the soft text promotion platform. We media, online media, and proxy writing are available on all major portals and websites. All kinds of products can be pushed. The mainstream media are targeted, and the home page is displayed. The location is obvious and the effect is guaranteed! Accurately locate people and regions, obtain high-quality interested customers, with new flow, low cleaning degree and short transformation period
WeChat business, health, finance, franchise, education, automobile, company, catering, real estate, workplace and other industries can be promoted. Contact information can be provided, QR code can be linked, and the package can be included
There is also short video promotion, writing scripts for you, taking videos, doing post production, and publishing